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Sunday, April 19, 2015

TEACHING TOOLS: Using QR Codes in Math Part 2

Students in my Grade 3 class used iPads and QR codes to solve number pattern problems. 

Students worked together in partners and were given an iPad and a recording sheet. 

There were 15 QR codes placed around our classroom and in the hallway. 

Students worked together to scan each code and record their answers onto a sheet.

Every time students scanned a QR code, it presented a t-chart with a number mystery that needed to be solve.

This is quite easy to do. You can google 'online QR code generator' to find a QR creation site or use the one I did, which is: http://goqr.me/

Using that site, I made math questions for students to solve. 

Students wrote down the missing number from the t-chart and recorded the pattern rule.

You can download the sheets here:

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