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BTW was created by Patrick & Julie Johnson, two Canadian educators with an interest in eduction & technology. This site showcases our interactive IBOOKS for students, but we also explore educational issues in our INQUIRY segments and share lessons/teaching ideas in our TEACHING TOOLS sections. Use the Labels section in the sidebar to navigate by topic or simply browse.

Additional Resources and Freebies

Additional Resourses for 'You Know The Answer Adventures' Educational Software
Teacher's Guide (PC & iBooks versions)
Multiple Choice Strategies Introduction Lesson (Smart Notebook Format)
Multiple Choice Strategies Introduction Lesson (PDF version)

Free Downloadable Games
The games were made for Grade 3 students to help them to prepare for standardized tests (EQAO) in a fun and engaging way. The games were made using the program Adventure Maker. More information on Adventure Maker can be found at http://adventuremaker.com.

All games support Windows XP and Windows Vista. I have also tested the install on Windows 7. The games also comes with an uninstall utility.

Download instructions:
1. Right click on the file to save the game to your harddrive.
2. Open the file and the Windows installer will walk you through the process.
3. Locate game in start menu and run (recommend to check the box allowing the program to change the screen resolution to 640x480. The resolution will revert back to normal once you exit the game).

This Windows PC game reviews identifying numbers to 20 as well as number order. In contains 13 questions. It is best used on an interactive white board (although it is not a requirement).
Download (3 MB)

Pokemon EQAO Game: Using a Pokemon theme, students answer multiple choice questions that involve identifying verbs, nouns and adjectives in sentences. Best used with a Smartboard. Once the game is installed and loaded, just click on the title screen to get started.
Download (5.89MB)

Beyblades EQAO Game: Using a Beyblades' theme, students answer writing multiple choice (grammar) questions. Best used on a Smartboard. Once the game is installed and loaded, just click on the title screen to get started.
Download (6.25MB)

Space Shuttle Plurals: Command the space shuttle to orbit and back while practicing EQAO type multiple choice questions involving plurals. Note: The game starts off as a blank screen with music playing for the first 20 seconds or so. This is part of the game!
Download (7MB)

Scooby Doo and the Ghost From Outer Space: This game practices the EQAO writing multiple choice question skill of placing sentences in the correct order to make a paragraph.
Download (4MB)

Sponge Bob Square Pants: Point and click game that practices how to best combine multiple sentences into once sentence. Best used on a Smartboard.
Download (5MB)

STAR WARS EQAO: Point and click game that reviews punctuation, the text structure of poems as well as practice EQAO writing multiple choice questions. The adventure takes you through the plot of the orginal STAR WARS movie.
Download (4MB)

Spiderman Contractions: Point and click game that reviews multiple choice contraction questions with a Spiderman theme.
Download (4MB)