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BTW was created by Patrick & Julie Johnson, two Canadian educators with an interest in eduction & technology. This site showcases our interactive IBOOKS for students, but we also explore educational issues in our INQUIRY segments and share lessons/teaching ideas in our TEACHING TOOLS sections. Use the Labels section in the sidebar to navigate by topic or simply browse.

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Forget those boring worksheets! Here, writing skills are presented in a whole new way as clickable, multiple choice ,adventure stories in which YOU are the star! Includes real-life photos, music, sound effects & audio supports. Makes a great literacy centre or interactive white board task!

You can purchase 'You Know The Answer Adventures as either an iBook for your iPad or as Software for your PC.

Click HERE to purchase the iBook version in iTunes. 

'You Know The Answer Adventures' Education Software

At just $4.95, your purchase includes:

  • 5 full multiple choice adventures designed by teachers for your students 
  • Engaging photos and story-lines
  • Immediate feedback to support learning, including tips and strategies
  • Teacher's guide for suggested uses in your classroom 

*Note this is a digital download only. No disc will be shipped.

The whole purchase process is handled by KAGI (www.kagi.com), which is one of the most known and reliable payment processing companies of the Internet. It provides order tracking, refund options, secure transactions, and much more.

Purchasing 'You Know The Answer Adventures' Education Software is fast, safe and secure. 
Just click on the icon above to visit our Online Store at KAGI. Then choose your payment method and confirm your purchase. After purchase, your will quickly receive an e-mail confirming your order and providing you a link to download the software.

PC System Requirements:

Computer: IBM PC or compatible, Pentium 133 MHz CPU or better
Memory: 64MB RAM and 37MB hard disk space
Monitor: 256 colors or better ("True Color" mode is highly recommended)
Interface: Mouse and keyboard
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or compatible

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