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Sunday, September 11, 2011

SOFTWARE: Free Numbers Game for K/Grade 1

This Windows PC game reviews identifying numbers to 20 as well as number order. In contains 13 questions. It is best used on an interactive white board (although it is not a requirement).

This game supports Windows XP and Windows Vista. I have also tested the install on Windows 7. The game also comes with an uninstall utility.

Download instructions:
1. Right click on the file to save the game to your harddrive. Download (3 MB)
2. Open the file and the Windows installer will walk you through the process.
3. Locate game in start menu and run (recommend to check the box allowing the program to change the screen resolution to 640x480. The resolution will revert back to normal once you exit the game). To exit the game use the "esc" button.

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