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Saturday, January 7, 2012

SOFTWARE: It's Finally Here! Downloadable Software to Transform the Boring Bits!

Here it is--our first BTW product! Our 'You Know (The Answer) Adventures' Software Package! Check out our exciting trailer on youtube!

Building on the success of last years downloadable games, Patrick & I have created an original--and more in depth--collection of clickable adventure stories to support multiple choice practice and a variety of writing skills.

Here, multiple choice questions (commonly found on standardized testing) are presented in a whole new way…as clickable adventure stories…

Feel the excitement of...
  • Noun Plurals!
  • Contractions!
  • Nouns Verbs & Adjectives!
  • Putting Sentences in Order!
  • Writing Concise Sentences!

...as you star in a short adventure story, clicking the answers you choose, learning and demonstrating that YOU KNOW THE ANSWER!

These compelling stories help students practise multiple choice questions, prepare for commonly found test questions (such as those on Ontario's Gr. 3 and 6 EQAO tests), and learn about the oft-perceived 'boring' bits of language study (grammar, conventions, editing). The stories feature real-life, high quality photos that look brilliant on smartboard or computer screen.

This easy-to-download software can be used whole class via Smartboard (interactive white board) for teacher-directed instruction. It can also be used as a small group task or individually via computer (such as in a literacy center). Students are supported by built in audio readings of the text (if the student so decides to use this function) and hints are provided whenever the wrong answer is selected. Students must press the correct answer to continue (the correct answer highlights when selected) which means the student must work through the process of elimination. There is no skipping slides!

Right now we are beta testing before marketing the full product. Estimated selling date: MARCH-APRIL, 2012! More details to come as we near that date!

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