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Sunday, April 19, 2015

TEACHING TOOLS: Using Tetris in Math

Last week, in my Grade 3 class, students learned about calculating area using the game Tetris. Students used iPads to play an online version of Tetris . After they got accustomed to the game, their task was:

-Play Tetris until the blocks were stacked over half way up the board (usually the time when it becomes very difficult to place blocks into a line).
-When the blocks are at least half way up the boards, take a screenshot of the iPad by clicking the power and home buttons simultaneously.
-Open the app Educreations and insert the photo into a slide.
-Calculate and record the area of each coloured block.

I found this to be a very engaging way for students to apply their knowledge of measuring area.

Students played the puzzle game Tetris using the iPads:

Students inserted a screen shot of their game into Educreations and calculated the area of the different coloured blocks:

Patrick Johnson

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