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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

IBOOKS: More fun, Interactive iBooks for kids now in iTunes!

We are very excited to officially publish another interactive iBook for kids, this time one written using comics! (Specifically, comics created in bitstrips.com)

Sarah is an 'ordinary' girl living an 'ordinary' life when suddenly...thanks to a scientifically advanced kumquat...she is transformed into a SUPER SPY!

Suddenly, she has these amazing power...but she isn't quite sure who she is anymore. How can she still live an 'ordinary' life? Sarah must come to terms with her new abilities and her changing relationships with family, friends, pets...and fellow super spies, all without losing her sense of humor.

Sarah's story is told through a series of comics. After each comic panel is a set of clickable multiple choice questions pertaining to the comic. These questions promote such skills as recall, deciphering words in context and inferencing. Also, each comic panel includes a corresponding sound effect.

Kids love the interactivity of this digital narrative!

At the end of the book is a writing prompts page, providing suggestions to spark reader creativity. For example:

What are the super powers you would like to have? List 10 super powers, making note of the pros and cons of each. 

This book is perfect for kids aged 9-12.  On Sale in iTunes and iBooks: click HERE.

Available as either iBook or downloadable software, You Know (The Answer) Adventures is a fun, interactive collection of short adventure stories in which the reader solves various literacy related tasks in order to move through the narrative. 

Feel the excitement of...
  • Noun Plurals!
  • Contractions!
  • Nouns Verbs & Adjectives!
  • Putting Sentences in Order!
  • Writing Concise Sentences!

...as you star in a short adventure story, clicking the answers you choose, learning and demonstrating that YOU KNOW THE ANSWER!

If interested in the software, try out the demo (Kayak Adventure) or check out our online store for the full package!

The iBook can be found HERE

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