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Saturday, August 20, 2011

UPDATE: Better Than Worksheets Becomes A Company! Poplit...and more!

Patrick & I had a chat over the summer...as much as we love using technology in educational contexts (everything from Wii games to web apps to ipod touches), we also love CREATING our own #edtech to use in educational contexts.

So we decided to turn our 'blog' into a bonafide #edtech company! This is where our passion lies. We'd like to concentrate more of an effort in our lives on it.

We have a lot of ideas...already I have created two free sites that use popular culture for literacy learning:

POPLIT LYRICS: uses popular lyrics to support a wide variety of literacy learning (everything from summarizing the main idea to making connections to explaining metaphors & similes...and more!)

POPLIT: uses popular media (short youtube videos) to support a wide variety of literacy learning (everything from retells to persuasive pieces...and more!).

These have been a labour of love for me for over the past year (and this summer more specifically).  They'll be updated continually too! (I'll blog about them in more detail at a later date).

Soon to come: more downloadable games! We're going to be creating more comprehensive literacy games--and have a lot of fun doing it!

PS. Come check us out on Twitter too @BTWorksheets

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